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The Ever Competent DEA

Wednesday May 2, 2012 10:00PM (MST) 
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The Ever Competent DEA Under an Incompetent President

The DEA is hard at work protecting the citizens and the citizen’r rights in this country.  A recent example of DEA competence has been brought to light by the DailyCaller.com; 

Seven people at the house were taken into custody. Five were processed and sent to county jail, one was released, and Chong was accidentally left in a cell.

NBC San Diego reports that, according to Chong, “agents questioned him, and then told him he could go home. One agent even offered him a ride.”

And then for five days, Chong was left handcuffed and alone in a 5-by-10-foot cell.

He screamed for help, and no one responded. According to Chong, he could hear DEA personnel moving in nearby rooms, but they ignored him.

Dehydrated, he drank his own urine.  At one point, he began to hallucinate and attempted to carve “sorry mom” on his arm, intending to kill himself with his broken eyeglasses.

“I didn’t think I would come out,” said Chong

In the cell was a bag with white powder, which Chong ate. The substance later tested positive for methamphetamine. It’s unclear where the drug came from, particularly as the DEA notes that the individuals were searched before being placed in cells.

After days of misery, a DEA officer noticed an odd noise coming from the holding cell. It was Chong.


Chong was transported to Sharp Hospital, and spent three days in intensive care with his kidneys close to failing. 

[Attribution – Full Article] Top Photo: DailyCaller.com, Bottom Photo: TalkLeft.com

Some say blame flows uphill and it should in most cases.  As a sales manager I was responsible for what each of my employees said and ultimately responsible for all of their mistakes. That’s the responsibility I signed on for and I accepted it gladly.  Presidents of countries, CEO’s of companies, police and fire chiefs, and many other figureheads have “stepped down” over the actions of those under them. That is no more. First we saw deplorable behavior by the Secret Service shrugged off though it was on Obama’s watch. Imagine if the same thing would have happened with Bush in office… the media would have crucified him. Now the DEA is adding to the proof that Obama has no idea how to run a government and bizarre things are happening with government agencies nationwide including the IRS’s persecution of the Tea Party nationwide. 

Another nugget of truth caught in a web of lies. Brought to you by; 

-Will Tell

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