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Wednesday May 2, 2012 10:00PM (MST) 
TAGS: IKEA, Political Prisoners, Communism

Why would the officials of a large retail company need to look into government records to learn about how the 

company behaved thirty or forty years before? Businesses that survive for decades typically keep very good records, stay well informed of their historical significance, and many long living businesses even utilize their history in marketing campaigns. The furniture giant IKEA has recently experienced amnesia about a certain portion of the company’s history. TheLocal.de is a German to English news outlet with a great deal of information on the swiss company and it’s history;

Ikea, an unlisted, family-owned company, is the world’s largest furniture retailer, with sales of €25 billion in 2011 and 131,000 employees at the end of its last fiscal year in August 2011 [Attribution]

One would think a company the size of IKEA would have detailed historical records. When examining the IKEA website it tells of the founder’s history with fine details such as the founder’s first business selling matches at the age of five years old. TheLocal.com described  events missing from the memory of present day IKEA officials and I found no mention of the atrocities on the company’s very well laid out historical timeline

As Swedish furniture retailer Ikea probes revelations about the use of East German prisoners labour, new allegations emerged Thursday indicating the home furnishings giant also used Cuban prisoners to build furniture in the 1980s [Attribution]

With this piece I hope to point out some things going on with companies who do a great deal of business in the United States. Here in Colorado where I live a large IKEA store just opened its doors within the last year and it was the buzz of the town for several months prior to its opening. Seems business is good for IKEA worldwide and the future looks just as bright.  I just hope people realize that every time they purchase something from the international furniture giant there is a possibility a small portion of that purchase may support the oppression of political prisoners, a company that had no problem using modern slave labor just decades ago, and worst of all… a small amount of that purchase may go to supporting the communist agenda. 

Just my opinion based on the history of the company… but who am I? 

-Will Tell

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