More From Obama on Women’s Rights

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More from Obama on Women’s Rights

Saturday April 19, 2012 2:30PM (MST)

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Recently we have heard Obama demonize republicans over [#1] women’s rights and [#2] their attitude towards minority citizens [Treyvon Martin provided him ample opportunity for that].  We have heard countless spiels about Buffet paying a lower tax rate than his secretary, though Obama didn’t seem to have a problem arranging his taxes in a manner that would put him in a lower tax bracket than his own secretary, and recently the president has also said Reagan would have supported the Buffet rule.  Easy to say when the great leader is no longer with us but out of the 43 other presidents in US History– I think [and many agree] Reagan is on the opposite end of the spectrum from Obama.  “Carter would agree with the Buffet Rule” is probably a more accurate statement.  The American people could count on what Reagan said, he wasn’t a master of “spin”, and time and time again Obama has illustrated his ideology of hatred and trashing others to move ahead. 

In my last blog I explained how Obama would have never made it into the senate if not for trashing two opponents through the use of divorce records.  This methodology won Obama the democratic primary and eventually won him the senate race [thanks in large part to David Axlerod].  The president is smart because he typically sends his minions out to spread lies but he is losing touch and becoming too egotistical.  His latest stump on women’s rights is in far contrast to real life as I have shown with the man’s words vs. actions in several previous posts.  Now a report comes to us from the Washington Free Beacon;

Female employees in the Obama White House make considerably less than their male colleagues, records show.

According to the 2011 annual report on White House staff, female employees earned a median annual salary of $60,000, which was about 18 percent less than the median salary for male employees ($71,000) [Click for Source]

Again we see how what Obama does is in contrast to what he tells all of us to do.  We should all pay more in taxes than those in lower “classes” [no class warfare coming from this administration… sigh] but Obama structures his own taxes in a manner to pay a lower rate than his secretary.  Biden tells America they need to put more skin in the game yet donates less than 1.5% of his income to charity.  At least Obama got that one right as the president and his wife donated 22% of their income to charity.  Obama is criticizing republicans over women’s rights, Biden proclaims that republicans are encouraging domestic violence, yet this administration is no better. 

The domestic violence law Biden is fighting hard for right now is filled with additional garbage thrown in by the Obama administration.  “Leave no opportunity unexploited” should be their mission statement; 

“Reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act isn’t partisan,” said a statement from Sen. Chuck Grassley, who is pushing the GOP’s reform bill.

“Republicans are firmly committed to reauthorizing VAWA … [but] the bill that cleared the Judiciary Committee failed to address some fundamental problems, including significant waste, ineligible expenditures, immigration fraud and possible unconstitutional provisions,” Grassley said. [Click for Source] 

Why is there immigration fraud in a domestic violence against women law?  Let no opportunity pass unexploited.  Obama has shown no regard for the constitution when he threatened the supreme court.  He has also shown no regard for the truth.  It has recently been exposed the man who is demonizing republicans for their policies on women and minorities had a 2008 campaign team made up of mostly white males.  According to the Washington Free Beacon the “white-frat-boy” mentality flowed from the campaign into the White House; 

“Women are Obama’s base, and they don’t seem to have enough people who look like the base inside of their own inner circle,” former Clinton press secretary Dee Dee Myers told the New York Times.

In a 2011 article titled “The White House Boys’ Club: President Obama Has a Woman Problem,” TIME magazine’s Amy Sullivan detailed the president’s fondness for male-dominated environments.

“There’s a looseness to Obama when he’s hanging out with the boys club that doesn’t appear in co-ed gatherings,” she wrote. “The president blows off steam on the golf course with male colleagues and friends. He takes to the White House basketball court with NBA stars, men’s college players, and male cabinet members and members of Congress.”

As a presidential candidate in 2008, Obama was criticized for paying the women on his campaign staff less than the men, and far less than GOP opponent John McCain paid his female staffers. [Click for Source] 

This is not the type of man I want representing my interests.  After almost four years the lies are continuing to be exposed… don’t wait eight years to find out just how much he has destroyed the liberty and individual sovereignty of the American citizen.  Vote (R) in November.  Romney may not be conservative enough, he may not be of a religious background most people understand, but there is one thing I do know… he is not Obama or the Obama administration. 

-Will Tell
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