What’s Crackin? Two Faced Chinese? Happy Birthday Hitler? Al “Not So” Sharpton!

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What’s Crackin? Two Faced Chinese? Happy Birthday Hitler? “Not So” Sharpton!

Saturday April 14, 2012 5:30PM (MST)TAGS: Eggless Chicken, North Koreans, Hitler, Occupy Wall Street, Al Sharpton
What’s Crackin?

What came first, the chicken or the egg?  The question has finally been answered in Sri Lanka.  According to BBC.com early this morning;

Unfortunately the “miracle” chick was not a miracle for the mother of the young chicken or much of a miracle at all.  It still came from an egg, it just hatched inside the mother.  A postmortem examination showed the mother’s reproductive tract was lacerated to the point it caused her death.  More of a fluke than a headline story but thats the news… 

Two Faced Chinese? 
Coming from the Voice of America News [voanews.com] today;

The Chinese are dangerous and the Russians are on the rise.  Communism was defeated by Reagan but recent administrations [George W. & Barack] have provided the opportunity for the cold war to start again.  Putin is no longer running things behind the scenes and has once again assumed a public position as the head of the Russian [or should I say “Soviet”] snake.  North Korea is arguably one of the most extreme “rouge nations” in the world.  All one has to do is analyze the behavior of other countries towards nations like N. Korea to see the truth.  China and Russia are both undertaking large infrastructure projects in the country many of which are intended to transport “cargo” in and out of the country.  


Happy Birthday Hitler?
One hundred and twenty three years ago Adolph Hitler was born.  Considering my feelings about Hitler and antisemitism I’m not really in the mood to wish the dead socialist happy birthday.  Check the “Occupy Walls St.” site though because there’s a chance they feel much differently about the man.  As “Occupy” continues to deny accusations of antisemitism their web-masters post an anti-Semitic cartoon on the movement’s Facebook site in honor of Holocaust Remembrance Day [as reported by the dailycaller.com].  Yes… “Occupy” is again showing its true colors.
It’s members and defenders say the movement is not anti-semitic but they are simply sheep, malcontents, and the homeless.  Many are in denial of what they represent and instead are in love with an ideology they do not understand.  An ideology which dates back to Plato and is void of individual sovereignty.  Maybe if Occupy’s followers took the time to read a little history or look deeper into current events their opinions would change… but ignorance is bliss.  As far as I can tell they are a bunch of classless people screaming because of envy, hatred, and jealousy… supported by the president and DNC.
Nancy Pelosi said [of the Tea Party] she was afraid of 1960’s style violence from a rouge group not that long ago.  No need to cite, it is a well known fact for anyone who would have an interest in reading this blog.  On the opposite side of the coin Pelosi told Christiane Amanpour of ABC in an exclusive interview she supported the message of “Occupy”. [Click for Source Article] There were allegations of “racism” with the Tea Party movement but the claims were never proven despite a half million dollar reward for proof.  Pelosi denounced the Tea Party movement despite no proof of violence or racism and a message of constitutionalism.
There have been countless documented cases of violence, rape, and other horrid crimes against humanity amongst the Occupy supporters and “camps” yet democrats ignore the disgusting events to push an agenda.  Pelosi openly supports the movement and even the president has made public statements in support of the anti-Semitic group  This illustrates how these people will say anything to the American people to take our individual liberty and lump us into classes they can rule.
Al “Not So” Sharpton!
Al Sharpton is in the news again.  Actually this is exactly where he likes to be as demonstrated by the use of his MSNBC platform to push his Treyvon Martin agenda.  Sharpton’s MSNBC platform is exactly what I wish to address.  As a new “personality” and “celebrity race-baiter” Al has a signifigant following.  Some of these people he has actually helped so the feel a great debt of gratitude for the man.  Other’s blindly follow an agenda, ideal, or even skin color.  Its a fact, call me what you want for putting it out there, but I’m talking about individuals not groups.  Regardless Sharpton has a following, a public forum, and in my mind…  a responsibility to be completely honest.  That is why I got excited when I heard Al repeatedly tout Obama’s Buffet Rule because that meant it was time to check into Sharpton’s tax situation.  Yay!
As I went to Google and searched for “Sharpton, Taxes” the information was plentiful.  A recent example was provided by the FreeBeacon.com;

This is typical behavior from the left.  I exposed the hypocrisy behind the Buffet Rule in an earlier blog.  This is a proposed law named after a man who is suing the federal government for charging him too much in taxes.  A man who makes more than his secretary just like the president; and just like the president he had the ability to structure his taxes differently.  These people are all “do as I say, not as I do”.  Keep watching what they do as opposed to listening to what they say. 

-Will Tell

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