Geraldo Accuses N.R.A. of “Rightwing” Zealotry

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Geraldo Accuses N.R.A. of “Rightwing” Zealotry

“That is Zealotry from the right”  – Geraldo Rivera

Click the link below to view a very recent clip of Geraldo and Bill O’Reilly discussing the coverage of the Trayvon Martin shooting.  I agree completely with Geraldo’s take on the deplorability of the several news outlets which possessed proof Zimmerman sustained serious injury to the head during the altercation with Martin; people who have suffered head injuries know how hard one must hit their head on the ground to produce a several inch gash.  True to form most media outlets continued to report Mr. Zimmerman was unscathed during the altercation in order to keep stoking the “race fire”.  Al Sharpton abused and continues to abuse his national platform with MSNBC as do several other anchors on the network.  The Black Panther’s call for Zimmerman “dead or alive” including a $10,000 bounty has still went unaddressed by the Obama administration or the DOJ.  Last time I checked it is illegal to place a bounty on someone’s head [publicly or otherwise] unless of course the bounty is placed by law enforcement.

Zimmerman has been a hunted man since the first time Sharpton and the others flocked to the smell of Treyvon’s blood [rest his soul].  It was puzzling when Geraldo made an additional comment to O’Reilly about the inappropriateness of the $10,000 donation to the defense fund of George Zimmerman by the Texas Chapter of the NRA.  He asked O’Reilly [paraphrasing], “What possible reason could the NRA have to make this contribution?”   Geraldo then went on to say something that caught my attention immediately [not paraphrasing this time];

“That is Zealotry from the right.”

First and foremost the esteemed Geraldo had no way of knowing the intentions behind the NRA’s contribution/donation.  The National Rifle Association is a long standing organization with long standing rules and bylaws.  I am not privy to the group’s practices but I’m sure the chapter did not make such a sizable contribution without some sort of approval process.  Zimmerman is one of the most hunted men in America and thankfully someone, or group in the case of the NRA stepped up to help him with the upcoming battle whether innocent or guilty.  See… that is how this country is supposed to work no matter how Al Sharpton or the media wants it… innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

That fact alone makes the Texas Chapter of the NRA a great group of Americans.  By donating to Zimmerman’s defense fund they are supporting the way the United States governmental system is supposed to work.  The second reason the NRA has a vested interest in this case is because the anti-gun zealots instantly flocked to the scene of Teryvon Martin’s shooting like so many vultures.  A recent book by Katie Pavlich about Holder’s “Fast & Furious” program illustrates just how anti-gun the current president is; his deep anti-second amendment roots definitely answer a lot of questions about why he would chose to speak on a national platform about the shooting of a Florida boy before knowing any real facts about the case.  The NRA is here to defend our second amendment rights, so guilty or innocent… the NRA and all Americans have a vested interest in ensuring Zimmerman receives a fair trial.

There are just too many unanswered questions in the Treyvon Martin shooting and the question should be left to the courts to decide along with guilt or innocence. Pressure from groups like the NAACP to repeal the “Stand Your Ground” law in Florida over the Martin shooting does not make sense.  Their actions become completely nonsensical when one considers the NAACP also currently supports the “Stand Your Ground” law as a way to acquit in another Florida case involving a woman who shot her abusive husband [as illustrated in the previous about the NAACP].  There are far too many “hidden agendas” going on with the Martin shooting, remember Rahm Emanuel’s mission statement, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste”,  and Obama is one of his best pupils.

The NRA’s support of Zimmerman is welcomed.  Geraldo should really think before he speaks, I hope he was just reaching for straws and trying to prove there are radicals on both sides [absolutely true], but if he researched the “NRA” issue thoroughly then maybe he is losing touch.  Then again I remember watching his highly anticipated special as a kid… how bummed America was when Geraldo found nothing in Capone’s vault.  Thankfully “Pay-Per-View” wasn’t around in those days…

-Will Tell
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