Obama, SECRETLY Revolutionizing the U.S. Tax System!

Will Tell
Denver, CO

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Tuesday representative Tom McClintock (R) from California’s fourth district spoke on the floor of the house chamber in regards to governments tax laws and behavior therein. Specifically the taxing of nonprofits was the issue the congressman addressed. Over the years we have all heard Obama discuss the need to revolutionize the country’s tax system.  Apparently he did not want to wait for traditional change [other wise knows as proper channels] because some unprecedented changes at the IRS have already taken place without transparecy.  What I found very peculiar was most of the American public was unaware of the changes sweeping the nation. 

For example, under this “progressive” administration the manner in which non-profits and the government interact has been fundamentally changed to reflect the vision Barack Obama has for this country.  As explained by representative McClintock on the floor of the House Chamber April 17th;

In order to be recognized as non-profit groups, these organizations must register with the IRS – a purely ministerial function that has, in the past, been applied evenly and without regard to [the non-profit’s] political views.

At least until now.

Before I go back to representative McClintock’s speech I will point out that using an arm of the government to control, harass, or manipulate a non-profit group based on it’s political alignment is completely unAmerican.  As McClintock stated during his allocated 5 minutes on the floor– there would have never been a civil rights movement if not for non-profit groups.  Groups that have always been very political in nature, why would Obama wish to attack groups like the NAACP and ACLU?  McClintock continues;

 It seems that Tea Party groups are now being treated very differently than their counterparts on the political Left.  For the last two years, many have been stone-walled by the IRS when they have sought to register as non-profits and most recently, they have been barraged with increasingly aggressive and threatening demands vastly outside the legal authority of the IRS.

Rest at ease, it is not the ACLU or NAACP that Obama is terrorizing with the Department of Treasury! Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson need not start up the race war spin cycle.  The only groups targeted by the IRS’s bizarre and unconstitutional behavior are political groups that speak out against our Commander in Chief.  I can smell the lawsuits piling up but none can state what is happening any better than McClintock;

Ironically, the same tactics we now see used by the IRS [Obama’s IRS] against the tea parties were once used by the most abusive of the southern states in the 1950’s to intimidate civil rights groups like the NAACP.

No such tactics have been reported by any similar civic groups on the political left, so the conclusion is inescapable – that this administration is very clearly, very pointedly and very deliberately attempting to intimidate, harass and threaten civic minded groups with which they disagree using one of the most feared and powerful agencies of the United States Government to do so.

The conclusion is inescapable…  As these blogs progress I hope to paint a picture of the vision Barack Obama has for America.  In previous posts I have shown that hypocrisy in the Obama administration.  This Tea Party story tells me one thing… Obama’s vision of America is much different than our founding fathers.  I’m sure Obama’s hero president Lincoln would be disgusted by the presidents use of the IRS to persecute particular groups based on political views.  This country was founded because of political discourse.  The Civil War and Civil Rights movement would have never taken place had it not been for… political discourse in this country.  Now Obama wants to limit that ability for the person or persons who disagree with what his administration decides “for” the people.

”]Obama Pic

It’s obvious to me this is all by design.  The Obama administration underestimated the effectiveness of the Tea Party because they thought most of America agreed with the president’s ideology.  Democrats had their clock cleaned in the 2010 election specifically because of the Tea Party.  Obama has been working on his reelection prior to his first day in office and the IRS’s attack on Tea Party organizations across the nation is proof of that. I can’t summarize any better than representative McClintock did in his speech to congress;

Mr. Speaker, these facts speak for themselves and need no embellishment or interpretation.  They should alarm every American of good will regardless of political philosophy, for if this precedent is allowed to stand, no one’s freedom is safe.  I bring these facts to the attention of the House today and ask that they be rigorously investigated; and if found accurate that those officials responsible be exposed, disgraced, dismissed and debarred from any further position of trust or power within our government.

If you still support this president and his administration I beg of you to consider what has been revealed by representative McClintock. Today the IRS is going after the freedom to assemble and the freedom of speech of “conservatives” and the Tea Party; but tomorrow it can be you when you disagree with what the government tells you to put in your body [or not], how the government wants you to raise your children, or what the government decides you should or shouldn’t say or think.  The possibilities are limitless when government shows tyranny.  I don’t know how to describe what is happening to Tea Party organizations across the nation in any other way.  Tyranny.

-Will Tell
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5 Responses to Obama, SECRETLY Revolutionizing the U.S. Tax System!

  1. oreobronson says:

    Reblogged this on Modern Underdog Blogspot and commented:
    nice post this video need attention

    about bullying!!!!!

    spread the video make it viral please!!

    • willtellsall says:

      Thank you. Now following your blog. I will review the video and repost it once I have wrote an opinion piece to go along with it. Thanks again!

      • oreobronson says:

        Thank Very much, I Appreciate this so much,

      • willtellsall says:

        Any time I get my jollies by demolishing bullies. Not that I start anything either, I dont have to look for it because bullying is everywhere, and I expose it. This article was definitely about using the IRS to bully tax payer organizations because of political allignment. Very scary stuff because the IRS can send anyone to jail.

      • oreobronson says:

        Well I’m from Canada, i feel lucky that our IRS is more friendly (compared to the united states) towards our tax payers. Over all, though corporatist tend to bully the weak and strong worldwide. just watch this sad documentary on stella d’oro closer did to these poor people.

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