Tea Party Terrorists

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Source: wassermanschultz.house.gov

I don’t cite much [at all actually] in this blog which is not typical for my writing style, but I saw an interview recently that caused my blood to boil.  The CNN interview early this week with Congresswoman and DNC chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz [see video below] illustrated again the party’s attitude towards millions of American citizens. During the 2010 elections we heard Pelosi and other leading democrats including the president ridicule the Tea party labeling it radical, extremist, and even dangerous.  Pelosi told national news cameras her fears of 60’s style violence from the Tea Party yet there has been no fat for the media to chew.  Occupy on the other hand has spread 60’s style violence across America, created massive crime waves in several cities, and exposed countless women to sexual assault.  Leading democrats are yet to condemn the disgusting actions of these groups nationwide.  Instead Pelosi, Obama, and other leading democrats have endorsed the “Occupy” movement saying they “understand their message”.

Tea party rallies are organized and peaceful demonstrations.  Occupy events are chaotic with no clear message and the news is filled with stories of violence connected to Occupy protestors.  Tea Partiers clean up after themselves and police their own crowd to ensure nobody is doing anything out of line.  Occupiers trash the areas they protest in, they incite violence and allow anyone to represent their “movement”, and par for the course they expect others to clean up after them just as they expect others to provide for them.  This is why the democrats support the Occupy message; there is no personal accountability in their methodology nor is there individual sovereignty… just one large mass of human waste with its hand out.  I just can’t believe all the reports of attacks and vandelisim involving human waste and these protestors. Occupy is to the democrats what the Tea Party is to the republicans and conservatives in this country. I ask who are the dangerous radical extremists?
Source: www.intorightfield.com

The Tea Party has been called radical.  When compared to the types of protests leading democrats support such as the Occupy movement… Tea Party rallies are in fact radically different.  Wasserman-Schultz said the Tea Party was an extremist group and it makes perfect sense to me why the Democratic National Committee chair would call a group who believes in limited government extremist. Limited government is opposite of what the democrats stand for.  And lastly the Tea Party has been called dangerous. Granted no rapes, sexual assaults, or other “Occupy” type violent crimes occur at Tea Party rallies but the group is still dangerous to the democrat’s message.

At the end of the day I believe these tactics by Wasserman-Schultz and other leading democrats are deplorable. They should attack Romney which they are, I have already heard several Obama minions attack the man based on religion, and it will only get worse.  They should tout Obama’s record if there was anything to tout.  Instead the democrats are waging war on millions of Americans by calling them radical, extremist, and dangerous just to hold onto power. In a previous blog I wrote about the IRS actively attacking and bullying Tea Party organizations nationwide. Ladies and gentleman that is tyranny, a soft tyranny, but tyranny nonetheless.
Source: www.intorightfield.com

I could see why these politicians would ostracize millions of their own citizens if the Tea Party was in fact a radical and violent group but the only thing wrong with the Tea Party is democrats don’t like what they stand for. That is not radical, extremist, or dangerous. That is the American way. Checks and balances. It is time for a change in the oval office.

-Will Tell
Twitter: Will_Tell_2012

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